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Limitless Summit in Bali

Travel across the world with Kevin Gordon, a self-made entrepreneur who built and sold an 8-figure business in less than 5 years, and is now teaching others how they too, can live a limitless life.

Kevin is hosting this once-in-a-lifetime ‘Limitless Summit’ in beautiful Bali, Indonesia - offering an opportunity to learn from a wide-range highly-successful entrepreneurs.

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What + When Is The Limitless Summit?
Feb 8th - 22nd, 2020

How does this sound? In less than 2 months you could be travelling across the world with a group of 20+ entrepreneurs for the trip of a lifetime in South East Asia, attending an event unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Now, before you yell “shut up and take my money” – cool your jets and keep reading. It gets better.

Why am I doing this? Well, simply put – I want to reverse a trend. The amount of fluff and BS on social media today is nearing an epidemic level – it’s become a digital minefield out there. Everywhere you look there is an ‘entrepreneur’ or ‘guru’ trying to sell you their course or training system, but there’s a big problem…

All-too-often, the greatest achievement these individuals can lay claim to, is the creation of the training system they are trying to sell you on. Does that alone make them an expert in business? Have they ever built a team and scaled a company to a significant size? Are they really qualified to help you make dramatic improvements in your personal life or business? That’s up to you to decide, but if you want my opinion… It’s gonna be a no from me, dawg.

I took my boot-strapped start-up from my apartment to an 8-figure acquisition in less than 5 years. There was zero raised capital, zero dollars spent on marketing, zero debt accrued, and my total investment in the business was a whopping $500 on day 1. Now I want to share how I did it, and help as many you live your dream life like I am.

Enter the Limitless Summit – a best-in-class event in the personal development space. No Instagram posers will be in attendance. No smoke and mirrors will be on-site. Just real people who are really making things happen.

Unlike the lion’s share of individuals hosting these events, profit and monetization is not even a consideration here. The currency I wish to acquire more of through this event is the fulfillment gained through creating positive, tangible and quantifiable impact in the lives of others. That’s what gets me out of bed in the morning.

You won’t just be learning from me at the Limitless Summit, I’m leveraging my network to bring in some incredible speakers to maximize the value for all of the attendees.

Come join us. Your limitless life awaits.

- Kevin Gordon

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Application Now Closed
So much room for activities...
Limitless Summit Itinerary
Tangible, first hand knowledge from world-class thought leaders
Day 1 - Feb. 9th
Introductions, Intentions, & Kick-off Party
Your Limitless Summit experience will start off right, with an epic day spent getting to know the other attendees, setting our intentions and goals for the week, and having some fun in the process.
Day 2 - Feb. 10th
Starting, Scaling & Selling your Business
Kevin will break down the key lessons learned on his journey that took him to an 8-figure acquisition in less than 5 years. We’ll discuss everything business plans, forecasting, team building and culture, to the creation of brands, products, services.

Kevin will cover everything from hiring your first 100 employees, to talent acquisition, customer retention, and beyond.

Speakers: Kevin Gordon & Special Guests
Day 3 - Feb. 11th
Going Deep with Sales, Marketing & Branding
Strong sales and marketing strategies are a critical piece of the puzzle for most businesses. We’ll go from micro to macro, breaking down everything from landing your first sale to how to compete with multi-billion dollar companies with household brand awareness.

We’ll cover everything from the key psychological elements of communication, rapport building and persuasion techniques, the right questions to ask and how to ask them, how to overcome objections, and everything else required for you to generate more exposure and sales than you know what to do with.

Speakers: Kevin Gordon & Special Guests
Day 4 - Feb. 12th
Excursion 1: Yoga, Mediation, & Ubud Trip
An all-inclusive zen day to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. A full Bali experience – starting the day off with a one hour yoga session, accompanied by a 30-minute guided meditation. We will learn all about the Wim Hof breathing techniques for longevity and brain function, followed by a trip to Ubud for a sound healing session at the Pyramids of Chi.
Day 5 - Feb. 13th
Mindset: Overcoming Adversity, & Seizing Opportunity
We are capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for. Adversity is an opportunity to level up, to grow wiser and stronger. There is an unlimited amount of opportunity out there, but our minds often block us from seeing it. Let’s get into the nitty gritty and discuss how we can remove the limitations from our minds, and ultimately, our lives.

Speakers: Kevin Gordon & Special Guests
Day 6 - Feb. 14th
Action Plan Finalization, & Growth Challenges
We want every attendee to leave with an actionable plan they can take home and implement. We also want to force everyone outside of their comfort zones, and maximize growth opportunities.

Speakers: Kevin Gordon & Special Guests
Day 7 - Feb. 15th
Excursion 2: Gates of Handara, Waterfalls & Wrap Party
We’ll be chauffeured across Bali to incredible landmarks, including ‘The Gates of Handara’ and ‘Aling Aling Waterfalls’. Our videography and photography team will be collaborating with you to ensure you get plenty of epic snaps and clips. The fun won’t stop when the sun goes down, it’ll just get better. Heck yeah.
Feb 16th - 22nd
Relax, Reflect, and Explore
The summit portion of your experience has ended, but your trip and opportunities for growth and fun are still going strong. Week 2 will provide you with some downtime to reflect on the previous week, to further develop your relationships with the other attendees, and to explore the beautiful island of Bali. The Limitless Summit includes your accommodations for your second week as well, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Hot damn.
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Meet The Speakers
Knowledge bombs coming in hot
Kevin Gordon
8-Figure Founder
Kevin Gordon is a self-made entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist who built an 8-figure company in his 20’s, which was fully-acquired by AutoTrader in under 5 years. Kevin came from humble beginnings and was still in high school when he set a goal to create financial freedom for not only himself, but his parents as well, all by the age of 30. Now Kevin has shifted his focus to helping others join him in living a limitless life.
Ryan Brush
8-Figure Operator
Derrick Struggle
7-Figure Founder
Casey Adams
Personal Branding Expert
Plus several other guest speakers...
Word on the street
Kevin is one of the most intelligent and genuine people I know. He has the type of energy that rubs off on anyone that comes in contact with him. I’m blessed to say I am lucky enough to be a part of his inner circle and have had plenty of opportunities to learn from him.
- Reggie Bagshaw
Founder of Rize Fitness
Kevin’s perseverance and courage to charge at any challenge or opportunity head on is truly inspirational. He’s changed the way I view the world, and constantly pushes me to become more and more open-minded. He strives to help every person he cross paths with, and has made a major impact in our community.
- Brenden Haddow
Kevin is a true entrepreneur. He has the fight to overcome adversity, intelligence to make the right decisions, and the soft skills to be a leader. His passion is infectious and I'm always excited to see what he has happening next.
- Manny Bahia
Co-Founder of Daily Hive
It's grow time.
$3,995 USD

- Entry and accommodations for the Limitless Summit: Feb 8 - 22

- Advanced Luxury Villa (shared room w/ ensuite bathroom)

- Private chef; breakfast and lunch included

$4,995 USD

- Entry and accommodations for the Limitless Summit: Feb 8 - 22

- Premium Luxury Villa (private room w/ ensuite bathroom)

- Private chef; breakfast and lunch included

- Personalized content creation package (photo + video)


- Entry and accommodations for the Limitless Summit: Feb 8 - 22

- Elite Luxury stay at the main mansion (private room w/ ensuite bathroom) with Kevin Gordon & team

- Private chef; breakfast and lunch included

- Personalized content creation package (photo + video)

Luxurious Ocean View
Villa in Bali, Indonesia

The Limitless Summit will be hosted at a stunning ocean-front villa, in the beautiful and popular city of Canggu, Indonesia. Centrally located in a private, gated estate - the luxury resort-style villa has as an infinity pool, sauna, and more.

Our videography and photography teams will be on-site to document the entire experience, and ensure you leave with some (fire emoji) content. (all-included).

Who Is This For?

We’re traveling to the other side of the planet to gain an opportunity to get away from the distractions and temptations of the day-to-day world we live in.

We welcome entrepreneurs/business people/humans of all varieties. The main thing we’re looking for here is individuals with the right mindset and attitude. People who are looking to improve their lives, both personally and professionally.

You’ll gain a new set of friends and connections that will prove to be invaluable in time. We have a strict no-a**holes policy for the Limitless Summit. If you’re looking to flex and fake your way into becoming an influencer or entrepreneur, this is not the event for you.

So does that mean that you need to be crazy successful to attend this thing? Heck no. It doesn’t matter what stage of your journey you are on. We will have a wide-range of people attending, some just starting out, some already having built massive businesses.

We’ll be selecting the 20 individuals that we feel are the best overall fit for the event. We’re looking for people who are wanting to and capable of absorbing, retaining and implementing what they learn. Beyond that, each individual will be expected to not only challenge themselves, but to both challenge and support the other participants, whenever possible. It’s so much easier to win with a strong team of people surrounding you and constantly pushing you.

Sound cool? Want to attend? Nice. The next step is completing the application. Why is there an application process, you ask? Good question. It’s because we only have 20 spots available, and the supply is going to be greatly outweighed by the demand.

We’re essentially forming our own little island community on the other side of the world for a short period of time. Think of this as like Survivor, except we’re staying in beautiful villas, and the only thing you’ll have to vote on is what you want to eat for dinner.

The application window closes on December 31st, 2019.

Let’s go.

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The opportunity of a lifetime...
20 incredible human beings. 14 amazing days. 1 limitless opportunity.
Application Now Closed
Who is this event for?
Individuals who are interested in or currently active with entrepreneurship, business and/or personal development. We’re looking for people with great attitudes and mindsets, who want to dramatically change their life - removing limitations both personally and professionally.
Will I get professional photos of myself?
Definitely! Our videography and photography teams will be on-site to document the entire experience to ensure you go home with amazing content to share with the world.
What other expenses will I have?
Your accommodations are included for a full two weeks. Your breakfast, lunch and excursions in week 1 are also taken care of. The only expenses you’ll need to cover are your dinners and entertainment costs (at your discretion)!.
Is a payment plan available?
Yes! We have a payment plan available to help make this opportunity accessible to as many of you as possible. You will pay over 3 equal payments, due on: Jan. 1st, Jan. 15th, and Feb. 1st, 2020.
What happens during the 2nd week?
We know you’re going to want to stick around to explore and enjoy the beautiful island of Bali. Your accommodations for week 2 are included, staying in a luxury villa, right beside the beach in Canggu.
Why did you create the Limitless Summit?
The goal of this event unique from the vast majority of events in the realm of personal development, as we are not focused on monetization - but rather the creation of positive impact and growth opportunities for an outstanding group of individuals.
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