If you’re not happy reinvent yourself⁣

If you’re not happy reinvent yourself⁣

I struggled with severe depression and suicidal thoughts for years – I barely survived that period in my life.⁣ The thing that ended up allowing me to pull through?⁣

I started by facing the binary decision of living or dying. It’s so easy to get caught in limbo when you⁣’ re extremely depressed. You don’t want to continue living, but you also aren’t fully ready to quit.⁣

Once you completely rule out the option of calling it quits, a single choice remains: travelling down the path towards a happier and healthier life. That’s all that’s left – you just shift your focus to making the best out of every single day.⁣

Look, it’s not easy. ⁣It takes time and it will require being uncomfortable – but I can assure you, it will be worth it.⁣ Your future self will thank you for it.⁣ Unlearn those bad habits and limiting thoughts you’ve had in your mind.⁣⁣ You’re either your own worst enemy or your greatest ally.⁣

— What’s it going to be?